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For starters, making differences in skincare based on gender doesn’t make much sense, since skincare products are usually chosen based on skin type and condition. Pimples will be pimples and dry skin will be dry, regardless of gender. ?!

The following article is dedicated to all those who no longer believe the tenacious myth that men’s skin needs no care other than soap and water. Men’s skin, like all skin types, deserves proper daily care and protection.

The remedy may be simple

Most men think that skin care takes a lot of time and there is no point in wasting it in front of the mirror. But that’s not really the case: taking care of healthy and smooth skin does not necessarily require a lot of time and effort, but can be achieved through simple measures that are easy to integrate into your hygiene routine. daily.

One of the things you need to pay a little more attention to when taking care of men’s skin is shaving the skin of the face (the tips are also useful for other parts of the body, regardless of gender). Our top tips for an easier and more efficient shave are:

Shave at the end of the shower or immediately after the shower.

Wash your face before you shave to soften the hairs.

Avoid using very hot water, as it can cause redness and a feeling of tightness in the skin.

Use a clean razor and shave in the direction of hair growth, using short, light strokes.

If you must shave against the direction of hair growth (eg on the neck), do so slowly and gently.

Rinse the razor frequently and change the blade every few uses.

After shaving, gently run the palms of your hands over the skin of your face and neck to check for missed areas.

Finish by applying a night cream or a cream with a protection factor if you shaved in the morning.

Unfortunately, many products on the market, designed for the male population, still contain ingredients that further dry out the skin and cause hypersensitivity – such as menthol and denatured alcohol, as well as various fragrances and essential oils found in creams and aftershaves. As a first step, we therefore recommend that you choose unscented products that do not contain potentially irritating ingredients for the skin.

Skincare routine in 4 easy steps

Experts advise you to establish a simple routine that is as basic as possible and takes as little time as possible. If your skin has no issues, this routine may be great for you.

Step: Cleaning

Wash your face morning and evening using a gentle cleansing gel that will leave your skin fresh and clean without drying it out. Regular cleansing of the face removes excess sebum and dirt, prevents the formation of impurities and prepares the skin for other treatments. Dry your face with a clean towel used only for the face!

Step: Shaving

For shaving, use a thin layer of shaving cream that is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and protects the skin from redness. We recommend the universal moisturizing cream shave, which is also suitable for people with signs of rosacea.

Step: BHA Acid

Using your fingers or a cotton ball, apply an exfoliant containing BHA or salicylic acid to your face, which will clean out clogged pores, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture and soothe redness. After regular use, the skin will be clean, radiant and firm like for example Martiderm DSP Cream despigmentant

Stage: Protection

In the morning, don’t forget to apply a cream with at least SPF30 UV protection – every day, all year round, whatever the weather. We realize that you don’t necessarily like the feel of sunscreen on your face , so we recommend that you choose fluid textures that absorb quickly and lightly mattify the skin, so you won’t feel it. not on your skin at all. Sunscreen is a mandatory step in any morning skincare routine, as it is one of the key steps in protecting the skin against the visible signs of aging and against skin cancer.

It’s all you need for a basic skincare routine. By using a few products regularly, you will see a big difference! If you would like to add a few more products to your routine in the future to address certain issues, Tunisia Online Parapharmacy will be happy to help with additional advice

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