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When it comes to shopping, finding the best deals is a wonderful feeling. It’s a bit like minting gold or locating the X on a map for buried treasure. Missing out on those best deals and hearing your friends or family talk about a big sale you had no idea was happening – well, that’s less fun.

So if you’re wondering whether to buy certain products now or wait until later, here’s a primer on when to buy a variety of big-ticket items.

While you can buy any of these things any time of the year, even amid the supply chain issues of the pandemic, there really are months that are best for making specific purchases.

The best time to buy furniture

New furniture usually hits the showroom around late winter and late summer, so around February and August you’ll often find better deals and discounts as retailers ramp up. room for the offers of the new season.

In February, you can also take advantage of holiday offers and promotions around Valentine’s Day or Presidents’ Day.

The best time to buy a house

According to many professionals, the best time to buy a house is March, August or December. This was the case before the pandemic and the case now.

“If you want a variety of inventory, then March is best because everything is coming or on the market for spring,” Franco says.

Still, “if you’re looking for the best deal, then August and December are perfect because you have less competition with other shoppers looking,” Franco says. There’s also “a better chance that if someone lists their home in August or December that they’re really serious about selling and can’t afford or don’t want to wait until spring or fall when the sales are the busiest,” he adds.

However, if you’re aiming to buy a home with the lowest possible interest rate, you might not want to wait much longer. Or if you need to move into a house now, start shopping now. If you’re still waiting for other reasons, like improving your credit score or saving more money for a down payment, wait. A house is the only thing that should be on your own schedule and not on the calendar.

But if you have time on your side and can wait until March, August or December, it can’t hurt to wait and try to buy during those months.

The best time to buy a car

Generally, the best months to buy a car are May, October, November and December. Here’s why :

In early May, the major auto show season has come to a halt, and many new vehicles are hitting showrooms and sellers are often offering discounts on outgoing models.

October is when many new models start hitting dealer showrooms, so older models should come out in batches. So you’ll start to see more car discounts.

Why is November a good month? These discounts are still in effect, and car dealerships, like other retailers, tend to offer Black Friday deals.

And what’s so special about December? Along with holiday sales, sellers try to meet monthly, quarter-end, and year-end sales goals.

The best time to buy clothes

“The end of the season is the best time to buy clothes,” explains shopping expert Mathilde. “For example, tank tops and swimwear will be heavily discounted in August and September. This can be a good time to stock up on some warmer weather essentials that you can still wear through September as long as the weather is still nice. »

You can also shop on sites like vivastreet to find bargains and trendy clothes.

The best time to buy appliances

The best time to buy major appliances — such as kitchen appliances, like a refrigerator or dishwasher, or perhaps an air conditioning system or a washer or dryer — is towards the end of the year.

“New models typically release in November, so we see a lot of major appliance activity from Labor Day weekend through October. It’s not uncommon to see discounts in the 30% to 40% range, which can mean big savings for such a big purchase,” says Bodge.

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