style of clothing for kitchen

In the professional world, clothing style is very important. This is the case in the restaurant industry. Kitchen professionals must adopt a well-defined work outfit. This offers them more protection and security in carrying out their job. It is also synonymous with hygiene. However, choosing the right kitchen outfits is not a simple matter. Indeed, several models and sizes are available on the market. Which ones to choose?

What is the composition of regulatory work clothes in the kitchen?

In a restaurant, the success of the preparation of a dish depends above all on the experience of the cooks and their collaboration. The quality of the equipment and materials used during the preparation also counts. Added to this is their work clothes. This offers them more comfort in carrying out their work. Thus, several clothes and accessories come to compose it. You will discover some of them at materiel discount and you will also see the various professional kitchen equipment there. On this, a regulatory outfit in the kitchen is composed of:

the kitchen jacket: it must be comfortable and easy to unbutton. It is available in short sleeves and long sleeves. The latter seem to be the most practical, as they provide good protection against flames and burns;

kitchen pants: they must be easy to put on and take off. Also choose pants with a breathable material such as cotton;

the chef’s hat: it is compulsory for hygienic reasons. It helps to prevent stubborn hair from falling on the foods to be prepared;

safety shoes: they must be robust, non-slip and meet standards;

the apron: it provides additional protection to a cook’s outfit. It is sometimes equipped with pockets which are useful for transporting, for example, the ingredients for a preparation.

Apart from all this, protective gloves find their usefulness in a professional kitchen. Added to this are the very essential mouth-nose protection masks, especially during this period of the covid-19 pandemic .

How to choose your work clothes as a cook?

These different types of clothing and accessories for the cook are available in several sizes and models on the market. It is important to choose the ideal model to have more comfort while wearing it and to be able to carry out its work correctly. So, to choose the right outfit, take into account:

morphology: to feel good about yourself, choose the outfit that suits your morphology;

the quality of the fabric: favor an outfit made with quality materials such as cotton;

the resistance of the fabric: opt for an outfit that is resistant to the various elements in the kitchen (dirt, heat, etc.);

the color: the light color like white is most often chosen for the outfit of a cook.

So, take your time when choosing your work clothes . Make sure that your choice is well adapted to your size and your morphology.

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