long floral skirt

Each season has its specialty clothing. Autumn ? The mid-season raincoat. Winter ? The turtleneck, of course! Spring ? The little denim jacket. But what’s left for the season that 90% of people prefer: summer? The long floral skirt! We’ll help you find it before anyone else does.

How to wear a long floral skirt?

It’s fine to want a long floral skirt , but do you know how to accessorize it and what type of shoes to wear it with?

Whatever the time of year, the long skirt is an element of the dressing room that should not be forgotten. Indeed, it has the particularity of being able to sublimate our silhouette by highlighting the shape of our hips and lengthening our legs. The dream boost! However, it is important to make a brief summary of two stylistic faux pas not to be reproduced.

If you already made the mistake last year, you will now know to avoid them:

Wear a long floral skirt that respects your morphology! If the neighbor, your best friend or your cousin wears one that fits like a glove, it is not sure that it is ideal for you. To each their own morphology, and to each their long floral skirt!

If you are not comfortable in clothes that are too tight, prefer a straight or pleated long floral skirt. Otherwise, if you want to show off your curves, opt for a high-waisted pencil skirt that can be split.

What pair of shoes to wear with a long floral skirt?

If you’re in doubt about how you should wear your long floral skirt, don’t panic. We are here to help you match all the elements of your dressing room perfectly. Mid-length skirts are worn with sneakers, tap shoes or heeled shoes (open in summer, closed in winter).

Besides, there are long floral skirts that can be combined with whatever you have on hand! The advantage of this garment is indeed the fact that it can be matched with different types of shoes. It all depends on the situation and how you want to wear it! Just know that wearing it with high shoes will enhance and lengthen your figure , and will give a more dressed effect, while wearing it with a denim jacket and sneakers will allow a cooler, more relaxed style.

Where to find the long floral skirt?

Everyone tears off the long flowered skirt. So what to do? Where to find it? Here are a few tips to help you.

Summer: the period of skirts

If summer rhymes with idleness, it also rhymes with light clothing. In this directory we can find several elements: shorts, skirt, tank top, dress, playsuit… In short, we are generally much better equipped for the summer than for all the other seasons which require additional layers.

The ideal with a long floral skirt is that you will be able to wear it day and night! It all depends on how you are going to accompany it.

Either way, we all agree that summer is the best time to find all types of skirts. On the markets, in supermarkets and on the internet, you will be spoiled for choice!

Iso Pretty’s long floral skirt

If you are looking for a simple yet chic long floral skirt that can go with a lot of situations and accessories, this is the one for you! It is neatly stored in the stocks of Iso Pretty, an online clothing store for men and women. This long skirt is perfect for summer since it is designed in 100% polyester, fluid and light fabric for hot periods. Elasticated at the waist, you will be able to take full advantage of your sunny days, in complete relaxation. Do you want to know the little extra that makes it the favorite piece of summer? It is slit and has decorative pearly buttons on the front.

If you have trouble imagining what the long floral skirt from Iso Pretty looks like, only one thing to do: go to their website

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