Christmas Sweater

Wearing a coarse or even ugly wool sweater during the Christmas period began in Anglo-Saxon countries in the 1980s. Gradually, this practice has become a real tradition all over the world. There is also a world day of the ugly sweater.

Today, the trend has resurfaced. Let’s discover together how she became Hype.

Ugly Christmas sweater, a phenomenon born of Anglo-Saxon family traditions

Before becoming a worldwide phenomenon, the ugly Christmas sweater was a simple family tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Some family members, usually grandparents, took the time to knit sweaters with patterns related to the Christmas party. Subsequently, they offered them to their children and/or grandchildren on the occasion of the celebration of the feast by which they are inspired.

Thus, little by little, this trend has become a real fashion, which will even be picked up by the big brands which will further popularize its practice.

The ugly Christmas sweater: a trend picked up by the big names in fashion

It was not until the early 1980s that we witnessed the first mass production of this garment. Thus will begin the large-scale marketing of the ugly Christmas sweater.

If this garment has become hype, it is largely thanks to the big names in fashion . Indeed, many big brands have launched into the sale of ugly Christmas sweaters. Among these brands we have:

Today, everyone participates in the game of the ugly Christmas sweater. Be it individuals or companies, everyone wants to wear or give away the ugliest Christmas sweater; which further contributes to its rise to prominence as a fashion phenomenon.

A trend that imposes itself in department stores

A true global phenomenon, the ugly Christmas sweater has become a fixture in department stores.

With the magnitude of this phenomenon, fashion brands have been more or less forced to offer their customers the possibility of having an ugly Christmas sweater on their shelves.

Beyond the commercial aspect that this phenomenon generates, it above all allows companies to show the public how attached they are to current trends.

During the period devoted to the ugly sweater festival, it becomes a moment of communication in the various stores.

Customers take photographs with this garment, it makes people talk while giving a cool image to the brand.

In stores, the ugly sweater trend has many advantages:

The phenomenon of the Christmas sweater is not limited to one locality. It is becoming more and more widespread and continues to spread to every corner of the world. This trend is relayed in peri-urban and rural areas.

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