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Choosing the right cream for a woman is not a problem these days, since most manufacturers offer complete ranges designed for a given age group, even divided into care for sensitive skin, skin prone to blushing, etc. But what about men? By the way, many people wonder whether it is necessary to buy special creams for men? Are the differences between women’s and men’s skin really that important?

Why do men need a special face cream?

The main difference between men’s and women’s skin is the thickness of the skin. Men’s skin is about a third thicker and therefore more resistant. The big difference between men’s and women’s skin is also due to the action of the hormones testosterone in men and estrogen and progesterone in women. The action of testosterone makes men’s skin oilier, their pores more open and shiny. And it’s the difference in how men’s and women’s skin lubricates itself that affects the appearance of wrinkles.

Women’s drier skin ages earlier and more gradually, which is why you’ll often find age-differentiated products in women’s cosmetics that you won’t find in men’s. But nature is fair, so if male wrinkles appear, they tend to be deeper. Another important factor is shaving, which should also be considered when choosing the right moisturizer for men. Did you know that the average man shaves around 16,000 times in his life?

So how do you choose the right moisturizer for men when you’re in  the beauty products store for men ? First, it’s important to focus on the current condition of your skin and what’s bothering it. This is why you will more often find creams or serums for men intended for tired skin, dark circles, sensitive skin or skin prone to redness due to shaving. To illustrate the differences between creams.

Men want to take care of their skin just as much as women

If we add the men who shave regularly and the men who wear beards, the result is not long in coming. It’s all men together. And if we are looking for a beauty treatment common to both groups, it is a gentle shave, including cleaning the beard.

Beware of soaps

Do you agree with us that classic bar soaps have no place on the skin? Today, even liquid soaps for washing the face are being phased out. Regular shaving also increases the sensitivity of men’s skin and, moreover, dries it out. Even beards need to be washed gently Beards, especially long ones, create the conditions for dirt to be trapped. This is particularly damaging to the structure of the beard and is also bad for the skin. But beards are like hair, they don’t like harsh shampoos, and the worst thing you can wash them with is regular bar soap.

How to properly clean men’s skin

Whether the man is freshly shaved or has a beard, the principle of cleansing is always the same: properly eliminate sebum and dirt, soften, moisturize gently, but without irritating.

Simple yet effective skincare for men

Today, most men already need the same effective cosmetic care that is given to women. But, unfortunately, modern man has less and less time. This is why lenouvelhommeboutique.fr offers the right solution for this. Visit the site to find out more.

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