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If you love to tie your hair up but dread damaging it, you’re not alone! Everyone with long hair has experienced this. That’s why it’s now time to switch to a handmade scrunchie to tie up your hair without damaging it.

The interest of a handmade scrunchie

You will quickly understand that a handmade scrunchie does not have the same effects as a classic elastic that we are used to wearing.

Tie your hair without damaging it

Anyone who’s ever had long hair has experienced that pretty annoying moment of hair that has taken the shape of your rubber band and then looks completely out of shape. To avoid these moments, it is possible to use the handmade scrunchie to tie your hair without damaging it. With this little boost, you will be able to style your hair without the risk of deforming them and needing to style your hair again. A classic elastic is made to withstand your many styling sessions, but it is not specially designed to take care of your hair. The most important ? Let him do his job! Yes but: if he does it badly? So let’s move on to the handmade scrunchie.

A handmade scrunchie in jersey

Not only the handmade scrunchie will allow you to avoid damaging your hair and breaking it, but it will also be easy to maintain. And yes ! It’s definitely not a t-shirt or underwear, but it’s important to take care of it and wash it to prevent it from damaging itself. Made of fabric , you have to take care of it as it will take care of you. Don’t worry: you won’t risk hurting it by putting it in your hair, that’s what it’s there for. However, like everything you wear and use, we advise you to wash it from time to time with a washing net. Why the washing net? Simply to be sure not to lose it in the shallows of your washing machine.

Why buy a handmade scrunchie?

The handmade scrunchie is undoubtedly a small piece of your outfit that can make all the difference! Especially when it’s handmade. In addition, there are handmade adult scrunchies, but also children’s scrunchies!

The use of jersey for craft designs

Jersey is a thin knitted fabric: it is therefore not woven and has stitches. We have to go back to the early Middle Ages to realize that this material has been used in many designs since the Isle of Jersey. Supple and silky, it is highly appreciated for many craft products since enthusiasts recognize its unparalleled softness. It is also its softness that will be able to attenuate the effect that it will have in your hair. Very resistant, your fabric darling will be easy to maintain and above all to use!

The advantages of handmade

Handmade is a way of designing objects, clothing or accessories that is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, a large number of people are now turning to craftsmen who care about the aesthetics and quality of the products they sell. The materials are carefully chosen to best suit the use that there will be of the object. A darling of French craftsmanship, made by the hands of its creator from start to finish, is a safe bet that can suit many budgets. It is important for creators to succeed in selling their work since it rewards hours of creativity aimed at as many applicants as possible. The first desire on the part of the craftsmen is to satisfy their customers with quality designs and made with attention.

When you have the chance to use a handmade scrunchie, you quickly realize the benefits it can have for tying your hair without damaging it. Buying French and artisanal also means enjoying ecological and quality products! So, don’t wait any longer!

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