Masonic ring for women?

The Masonic ring is a special piece of jewelry that cannot be bought everywhere. The jewelers manufacturing them are few and the resellers are easily counted. But then, where to find a Masonic ring for women or men? How to recognize it? Are any codes to know?

What is a Masonic Ring?

Originally, the Masonic ring was made of gold, adorned with a single ruby ​​(stone the color of fire) and engraved with Masonic symbols. A Masonic jewel serves above all to carry the symbol of the Freemasons.

There are 2 families of Masonic jewelry: old-fashioned models and contemporary models. The former are usually gold and adorned with a stone. The second are in plated, metal or steel and are for some made in 3D, without engraving or stone. However, the more elaborate the jewel, the more value it has in the eyes of the obedience.

There are several ways to recognize a Masonic ring or other Freemason jewelry:

The jewel takes several different forms: ring, pendant, watch, cufflinks…

The Masonic object must feature a symbol or phrase of the order of Freemasons.

Where to buy a Masonic ring for women?

To buy a Masonic ring for women, you will need to contact a creative jeweler capable of providing you with a jewel offering the recognizable symbols of the Freemasons. L’Or du Temple is one of the masters in the field.

How to recognize a Masonic ring?

A Masonic ring can be recognized according to the symbols used and the messages conveyed.

The strong symbols of Masonic jewelry

Thus, the most recognizable aspect of a Masonic ring remains the inscribed symbols. Among the strongest symbols of the order of Freemasons, you will find:

The compass and the square: it is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry and symbolizes the power that a Freemason must have over himself. It represents measure, straightness and integrity.

The letter G: it symbolizes the Great Architect of the universe, that is to say God.

The chain of union: it is the symbol of the union of Freemasons.

Scissors: they represent one of the main activities of the Freemason (the size and the cutting of stones). They are used to symbolize reduction, elimination or sacrifice. They also represent the separation of two different things.

The eye: it is a strong symbol of Freemasonry which represents the sight of the Almighty. It also symbolizes knowledge, awareness and clairvoyance.

The two triangles: they represent the duality between good and evil, men and women, man and God.

The lake of love : it symbolizes the union between each freemason and is represented by a simple knot on a loop.

How to wear your Masonic ring?

The Masonic ring is very often a signet ring which is worn by both women and men. She erects one or more Masonic symbols there. From the history of the secret society, the members or worshipers seek or sought above all to remain discreet. However, there is no rule on how to wear a Masonic ring. However, many prefer to put it on their ring finger or little finger.

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